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Leading and advocating for a strong family violence system in Central Highlands Victoria.

our purpose

why do we exist?

Do you believe that no-one should live with violence and that all people should be safe, respected and valued?
So do we. Knowing that gender inequality is a key driver of family violence, we want to see a future where gender equality is the norm. The principles that underpin the integrated response system include a shared understanding of domestic and family violence across all services, prioritising the safety of those who experience violence, and a proactive approach to information sharing.

who does our work effect?

The scope of our work covers four key areas:

  • The primary prevention of violence against women and children
  • Post-crisis response services for women experiencing domestic and family violence
  • children impacted by family violence
  • Services for perpetrators

Our work serves the people and communities of the Central Highlands. The Committee does this by creating value for the social service system and the stakeholders within it and works to identify, prioritise and respond pro-actively and strategically.

so how do we make change?

We believe that together we can change and improve the social services system in the Central Highlands so it can prevent family violence, intervene earlier, effectively respond and enable recovery.

The CHIFVC does this through three principal working groups that:

  • Identify, prioritise and respond to issues and opportunities in the current system
  • Drive practice change and innovation
  • Influence positive change in attitudes inside and outside the system


A Collective Impact Framework shapes and guides the work of the Committee based on a Common Agenda. All participants have a shared vision for change and commit to a joint approach.

Working Group Activities - coming soon